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All About Poppy & Pickles Nearly New Family Sale

As a mum I was very much looking forward to sorting through my youngest daughter’s things ready for selling. Like most of us in the city I have had my children and am in desperate need of space. There were literally Sainsbury Bags for Life all over my small two bed flat in North London filled with outgrown clothes.

I looked for a sale to put them in but there were none local to me and those that were in reasonable distance are only held twice a year, were over-subscribed and insisted on taking 30% of your earnings whilst giving first picks to fee paying members and volunteers.

So I resorted to an infamous online auction site - something that I have since come to regret. In fact I wish, with hindsight, I had just given the beautiful, immaculate condition clothes away!

By the time they had taken their fee, the online payment facility which they own had their share, I bought the packaging and reduced the fees for those who requested combined postage I was left with a figure I can’t even bear to think about.

From this experience I created the Poppy & Pickles Nearly New Family Sale so that we parents can come together, sell our items to excited buyers looking for the lovely and beautiful clothes that we fell in love with and picked out the first time round for our little ones; even the boring and practical items need a good home!

If you believe you have the items to sell at our monthly sales, then please contact us on the details below for more information. We would love to have you as part of our Poppy & Pickles Nearly New Family Sale Team.