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Poppy & Pickles Nearly New Family Sale Blog

Just a Little bit curious about Poppy & Pickles...


We are thrilled and a dare we say it...a  tad proud the wonderful site that is Curious Mums has picked up the Poppy and Pickles and written this article to let all its delightful mums know a little more about us...

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Looking For Some A Great Weekend - Check Out Time Out

Pick up great quality second hand baby goods, equipment and kids clothes at this Hackney sale. Mums and dads can nab preloved prams, toys, highchairs and baby walkers, all of which are in almost perfect condition. 

Are you ready for Autumn 2014?


Yay! A beautiful autumn is on its way which means for us mums and dads it’s time for those lovely days out … leaf collecting in local parks, hot chocolates, Halloween parties, bonfires and of course plenty of time spent chasing them around the local soft play to escape the rain.

As always with the change in seasons comes the need yet more boots, hats, coats, jumpers and jeans for the children all of which can be costly.

It seems there are some things as a parent you find just constantly buying and with children outgrowing their clothes long before they’re worn out it can be incredibly expensive to kit them out each year. A nearly new children clothes sale may just be the ideal solution.

The benefits of buying nearly new this autumn

As a favourite amongst savvy parents of children under 8, nearly new sales offer affordable preloved kids clothes and equipment all which is still in top notch condition.

In addition to the great second hand baby stuff on offer they are also always full of parents selling kids clothes, most of which are from well- known high street brands in fantastic quality. It also means that by picking up great items including second hand kid’s clothes, books and toys at a nearly new sale mums get to see all the items first hand.

If you’re one of the ones with loads of the outgrown stuff from the last autumn, why not book your own a stall to sell your stuff.

Either way whether you’re buying or selling this autumn a visit for a nearly new children’s clothes sale is a must.

Poppy & Pickle sales are held monthly in Islington –

How great it is to be loved by nearly new...


The world of secondhand 

Not long ago secondhand shops were dark, dingy and drab with only clutter and poor quality items for sale. As a kid they were the place I hid my face as my bargain hunter Nan or mum dragged me in desperately hoping and praying none of my school friends would see me.

I did however once safely inside love rooting around for books, second hand toys and looking for pretty tops in their second hand kids clothes section so long as it stayed on the quiet.

The Dark Days are Over….

These days thankfully it’s a completely different experience. Secondhand shopping is a bright, enjoyable and exciting; with good quality items, gorgeous chandeliers and a strict no video policy secondhand shops have had a vibrant rebirth.

The fabulous Mary Portas has led the way for this with her vision and flare, the Just Living Giving shop are the ones others aspire to be with their fantastic layouts, professional merchandising and most importantly their clean and fresh feel. They offer a shopping experience that some high street shops should envy be of. 

With vintage fairs, auction sites and preloved sites secondhand shopping has never been so popular. Today everyone is now proud to say oh its nearly new, such a bargain I only paid a couple of quid for it!

The mums whose little one is the always in gorgeous little outfits…

Now savvy mums and dads are the ones getting in on the action, the second hand baby clothes market has boomed. The excitement of buying practically preloved kids clothes for a fraction of the full value is just common sense for most parents. 

Rachel a mum of two boys says “I really like shopping at nearly new children clothes sales as I can get great quality items for both my boys and is always at a great price.” Like other mums Rachel who regular shops for preloved items at her local sale understands that secondhand really doesn’t mean second best.

Mums to be 

It seems that it’s not just existing parents who are in the know! Picking up fantastic second hand baby equipment and newborn baby clothes at a local nearly new baby sale is a must for every mum to be. 

We all know babies tend to outgrow clothes long before they’re worn out and with research suggesting the average baby can cost up to £3,000 before they are born, expecting parents can really benefit from shopping at a baby nearly new sale.

The Jack and Jill Market in Scotland has proven just how successful shopping for second hand baby stuff at a nearly new sale can be.

Online guides such as this one from Netmums and nearly new organisers being up to date on the regulations a successful trip to a nearly new sale has definitely has become an exciting part of pregnancy. 

Uh Oh No Dads watching Footy Again! Lets have 20 percent of stalls!


This weekend all our stalls have 20% off! 
Share with a friend and that makes it just £10 each to sell your all your Preloved kids stuff, Baby clothes and nursery equipment!