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Wondering Where To Buy Cheap Baby Clothes? Baby Stuff For Sale Plus Top Notch Second Hand Toys At Our Nearly New Sale London

At Poppy & Pickle’s Nearly New Sales we love to celebrate everything Family. Each of us belongs to our own unique little family and there nothing better than providing for them. As mums and dads in London we are often looking where to buy cheap baby clothes. We believe that second hand baby and children items doesn’t mean second best, in fact we believe it’s the opposite!

Saving You Money

Through being savvy and saving money with a Poppy & Pickles Nearly New Family sale you can free up your cash for life’s little luxuries, fantastic family days outs, a dream pushchair or even practical things such as more funds towards your maternity leave.
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Our Kids and Baby Clothing Sale...

For Babies…

Our Family and baby nearly new sale is the perfect way to shop as you can browse our gorgeous baby stuff for sale and second hand baby equipment all conveniently in one place. By coming along to a Poppy & Pickle’s Nearly New Family Sale you can meet the stall holders allowing you to see and check your preloved baby equipment and clothes before buying, so no waiting on unreliable sellers who overstate the quality of their goods online.

Instead you can enjoy buying baby clothes looking round our stalls searching for some great second hand baby goods, meeting other parents and mums-to-be.

For Kids...

Poppy & Pickle’s Nearly New Family Sales are not just for second hand baby gear, we have a great choice of preloved childrens clothing with brands such as NEXT, M&S, H&M, GAP and Zara. Our stalls are packed full of items for both boys and girls up to age eight making it a fantastic children clothes sale for you to get all your coats, jeans, skirts, jumpers, tshirts everything you need for Autumn 2014. Not forgetting all our second hand toys stalls.

So Much Choice…

With so many different stalls in one space Poppy & Pickles Family Sale offers you as a buyer so much variety, giving you the opportunity to purchase some really special and unique items at a fraction of the retail price.

Quality Promise...

One of the loveliest things about attending a Poppy & Pickles sale is knowing that we only allow nearly new baby clothes or children’s items of good quality so you can be assured that Poppy & Pickle sellers only offer items that are genuinely nearly new. We ensure all our sellers are informed of our high standards through the Poppy & Pickles Sellers Charter.

Speak To The Experts…

As our nearly new sellers are parents themselves they can offer practical advice and tips on what items you need really for a newborn, demonstrate how equipment works and answer any questions you may have.


As each of our sellers keep 100% of their profit from the day they are more open to some friendly bartering, meaning our buyers get the best price and you can really bag yourself a nearly new bargain!

No First Dibs…

We don’t offer anyone an advantage at our sales, it’s quite simply first come first served with no unnecessary memberships or ‘straight to go’ passes like similar sales.

Share with us...

Had a very special day at our sale? Enjoyed coming home and unwrapping your bundle of goodies? Then share with us on our Facebook or Twitter page - we love to hear from you. Think we can do something better then please drop us some feedback via our contact page.

Top Buyers' Tips

Don’t leave it too late in your pregnancy to come along. Your second trimester, when you’re full of energy and glowing, is the perfect time to browse our sales and build up your collection of your nearly new baby stuff.

Our sales are for everyone to enjoy: mums, dads, friends, aunties, grandparents and Godparents, bring someone along to help carry your bags and spot those amazing buys. A good strong bag to put all goods in will also help you on the day (or your partner).

Walk around a few times - sellers will often pull out more stock as they sell their items throughout the sale. Bring a list of the things you need as it can help remind of those last minute essentials.

At this moment our sales are cash only, so bring plenty or you may miss out. There are cash machines nearby and if you have some left over just pop back in on your way home.

You are very welcome to bring your buggy to the sale, however you may find it easier to take your child out or use a sling with whilst walking around the sale as it can get very busy. We have a buggy park at the venue.

We are proud to only choose central locations that within easy reach of public and transport as well local car parking.